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24 de março de 2015

Mom, Dad, I'm here!!

Oh Wien, I was missing you!

Another season has started, and here I am, in Wien, getting ready for it.
This time, to arrive here, I flew with Brussels Airlines, a member of Star Alliance, like TAP Portugal, but unlike this last one, Brussels Airlines don't have meals on board for Light & Relax Package Flight. Anyway, I just brought 9 extra kg for a small price and that was really helpful.

After 2 flights, connecting in Brussels, where I had a Playstation station (yes, is exactly what you are thinking) just next to my embarkation door, I caught a train, from Wien Airport, directly to the city center for only 4,40€. Not the CAT train, the regular one. Every 15 minutes there's one and it's half an hour drive.

I met my friend Rui in Landstrasse Mitte Wien and together we went to his and his girlfriend' house where a beautiful cooked meal was already wanting for my starving stomach. We had a nice Austrian Red Wine after dinner and went to sleep early 'cause a long day was waiting for me today. Also a very nice and comfortable sofa-bed was prepared for me! I'm so spoiled!!


I woke up around 8 am, had breakfast and went out with Rui. We've slipt in the subway and I went directly to the ship where I've met my new colleagues. Again the only Portuguese on board, but is something that I'm already getting used to it.

Lot of things to learn in this few days ahead!

Enjoy your journeys,


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